Society 8 Hospitality Group Launching Mastino

Society 8 Hospitality Group Launching Mastino

Society 8 Hospitality Group will be launching its new concept “Mastino” offering Italian Soul Food. The concept create a perfect balance between old world culinary craftsmanship and new trends in sociable dining. The menu consists of mostly small plates of Italian American classics made from family recepies passed down from generation to generation. Menu items are broken down to the must haves of Italian Soul Food; Meatballs, Signature Small Plates, Salads, Oven Roasted Chicken and most artfully done true Neopolitan pizza.

The Mastino Brand was born out of passion and commitment to the healthy traditions of old world artisans who handcrafted wood fire pizza , Italian street food , and artisanal small batch beer . High quality food and drink made with the freshest ingredients using the time honored and proven methods of  the past  . Our neapolitan style pizzas are baked in handmade Italian brick ovens imported directly from the birthplace of pizza – Naples, Italy . Painstakingly hand – built using the volcanic brick and mortar from Mt. Vesuvius , these ovens designed centuries ago by the street pizzaioli of Napoli , are fired up to over 900 degrees to produce the world’s most delicious and famous pizzas. These pizza ovens are often imitated but can’t be duplicated.

The history of the name – The Pizza Margherita was made for the queen of Naples in the 18th century and was officially recorded as the very first pizza . Queen Margherita was so fond of the street or “soul food” , that she often disguised herself in a dark hooded monk robe and sneaked into the streets of Naples to enjoy the pizza and other street foods , like arancini , zeppole , panzarotti  and spit roasted hens all seasoned with fresh herbs and lots of love and passion . She finally issued a challenge to the top pizza chefs in Naples to bake her their best pizza . The winner would become the personal pizza chef to the Royal Palace of Naples ! And so a humble pizza chef by the name of Raffaele Esposito won the culinary challenge by presenting to the queen what he called ” The Pizza Margherita ” , as he cleverly topped the fresh and simple pizza with red ( san marzano sauce ) , white (  mozzarella cheese ) and green (  fresh basil leaves )…..the colors of the Italian flag !! It was the queen’s favorite and Mr. Esposito’s life was changed forever . The queen had a lavish pizzeria built inside the palace to Raffaele’s exact specifications… hand built ovens , a dough room , and white marble countertops .  Rumor has it that Raffaele’s highly prized  flour , dough , mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce began disappearing from the palace pizzeria . To put an end to the thievery , Queen Elizabeth actually ordered that 2 of the guard dogs of the Royal Palace  The Mastino Napoletano ( Neapolitan Mastiff ) be put on 24 hour duty to guard the pizzeria . And so, in the same spirit of protecting the recipes and traditions of our ancestors….. we bring you a collection of our favorite Italian soul foods and hand crafted beers , from authentic wood fire pizzas and spit roasted chicken to our special house meat balls and mozzarella cheese.  We are committed to the ways and pride of the old world craftsmen and to the passionate few that produce the highest quality ingredients for us – this is our story and this is how the ” Mastino” experience was born …..Ciao !

The experience is fortified with a unique selection of craft beers, culinary cocktails and boutique wines to compliment the food offerings. You better come hungry and with friends as the experience will temp the most descriminating palet. We look forward to having you experience Mastino.


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