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The Solita & Mastino Brand was born out of passion and commitment to the traditions of old world artisans who handcrafted wood fire pizza , Italian-American cooking, artisanal small batch beer and handcrafted cocktails.  We are inspired to use high quality food and drinks made with the freshest ingredients using the time honored and proven methods of  the past. Our decor sets the stage to create an  ambiance of traditional decor with a modern twist perfect to eat sociably.

About The Name Solita & Mastino

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Italian Soul Food

Italian Soul Food

Made to Order

“Made to Order” says it all!  The Mastino experience is a blend of Italian street food,  to be enjoyed with culinary cocktails or craft beer. Built  on the foundation of handcrafted made to order.


Center stage is our handmade Italian brick oven, imported from the birthplace of pizza- Naples, Italy. Painstakingly hand-built using the volcanic brick and mortar from Mt. Vesuvius. These ovens designed centuries ago by the street pizzaioli of Napoli. They are fired up to over 900 degrees to produce the world’s most delicious and famous Neapolitan pizzas. These wood fire ovens are often imitated but can’t be duplicated .


It’s all about the ingredients….  we hand select the freshest local and finest imported product to create flavorful choices typically found when eating and socializing with friends and family. From fresh pulled mozzarella to our hand rolled meatballs, we’ve created a unique menu that would tempt the taste buds of the most discriminated pallet.

We love food, lots of different food, just like you.

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Craft Beverages


Hand Crafted

Eat & Drink Sociably

Culinary Cocktails  |  Craft Beers  |  Prosecco Bar 

When we say handcrafted we mean it! The perfect pairing to any good meal is a choice of culinary cocktails and craft beers to compliment the food offerings. We are dedicated to offer guests a place to call home with a unique experience that embraces casual comfort and sophistication.  Reclaimed wood & brick surround the room with warmth and comfort. The seating design is created to host a party of one or one hundred in a comforting social setting.

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Cocktail shaker with measuring cup and citruses.